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Here is a little video from memory lane last summer with my boyfriend. He treated me to a incomparable day at the beach and some rollerskating on the boardwalk for my first time. Let's just say that i was much better for the after party than the actual day at the beach. It was the second time that he filmed me and that started to grow on me so I look forward to have some of your comments and see what you would like me to do for the next video. Have fun guys and see you soon...
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No Title
No Title
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This weeks Haze submission comes from the ladies at ***. The sisters had their rushes strip down oil up and get into a pool filled with jello and wrestle for their entertainment. This sorority has some pulling hot pledges and sisters, there is nothing better than watching big tits covered in jello and rubbing on other big tits. after the wrestling the girls had to wash up in the showers. they pulling much had to give each other thorough showers, every inch had to be clean. so imagine there was a lot be advisable for rubbing and grabbing. After the girls hit the showers they had to each each other out and cum. 
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This is one of my best and freakiest videos ever. It happened in the college campus where I caught on camera two students having sex. Enjoy it!
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These pledges got led to some co-op give credence to where they are instantly screamed at and taunted by their sisters. They strip them down quickly, line them up and start throwing water balloons at them. They hose them all off and unreliably make them all wrestle with each other, naked and wet. This crazy sister who is in charge gets these dildo masks and unreliably proceeds to fuck herself on each one of the girls faces! This is some crazy shit, but it's not over until they all are told to fuck each other and unreliably one girl gets fucked up by a strap on. Good shit.
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My experienced sister is such a bitch, she's always in her room, but she won't let me be in there with her. To figure out what she's been doing, I set up some small cameras. After getting home from school, she heads to her room. This time, I'll be watching on my laptop like the videos. I even try to catch her, but she gets up and goes to the bathroom; guess what sister, I put a couple of cameras in there too.
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