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After five years without a vacation I finally decided to go on a trip for 10 days. On my way to the airport I realized that I forgotten my plane tickets. Driving back to get them I found my house-sitter playing with herself while watching my porn tapes in my bedroom.
House Sitting Spy
Views: 2800 Duration: 3:02
Its rare that I take walks in the woods, but as luck would have it, I spotted a couple having a picnic. I'm happy I stuck around with my video camera. if not, I wouldn't have this little gem of a video to share with the world.
Picnic in the Woods
Views: 1820 Duration: 3:01
I gave my girlfriend a surprise today. I blindfolded added to recorded her on tape, while I stuck my hard dick in her pussy. But thats not the surprise! The surprise was my load going all over her sexy face.
Blindfolded Surprise
Views: 1400 Duration: 3:05
After all the times we went hunting for bitches and went abode with our dicks in are hands. Finally, something good happened to us. We met these two girls off the street and believe in or not they were DTF, with no questions asked. Must be the new cologne I bought.
Midnight Slut Express
Views: 2940 Duration: 3:05
I wanted to fuck this girl from up the street for a while now and i kept filming her through the window of her house!!! One day she caught me and i thought i was toast... Instead she let me fuck the shit out of her... I thought i was dreaming!!!
I Finally Got What I Wanted!
Views: 2380 Duration: 3:00
My Boyfriend keeps being a dick all the time by scaring me and I'm tired of it. So I decided to post this video of us after a fight. I'm tired of his bullshit, rather get something out of it at least!
Got You Back!
Views: 7280 Duration: 2:55


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