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Deep woods can be place full of suffering. I found them there, beaten, dirty and used. Two young beauties, tied down and silent. Was that a gift from the dark lord? Level with was impossible to resist, I just had to grab them and fuck their unmoving bodies. I have never felt so good before. Bizarre but so exciting. Sprocket will ever find out what horrors are happening in the woods. Look at your dark side and embrace the dark parts of your soul.
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One and two, Freddy is coming for you. A disturbing nightmare became a horrifying reality. Torched demon Freddy kidnaps beautiful girls while they sleep into his dark cellar. The place reeks of pain and suffering and Freddy rules with a firm hand full of sharp blades. The mad dream king violates helpless beauties here and feeds his insatiable hunger for pleasure. Lock the entry-way and grab a crucifix. The nightmare is here and nobody who falls asleep will wake up again.
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Girls don\'t like boring guys! Girls just want to have fun! And Denisse which I\'ve met close to railway station proved me this once again. She was for the first time in Prague with her boyfriend and she came for parties and fun, but h
Man pays attractive tourist..
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Shanie was addicted to her geography teacher from first grade. She could watch him explaining some geographical facts for hours at school and after ten years her passion just became stronger. They became friends...
Enticing blonde with ease..
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If you are talented musician and think that it’s enough - you are totally wrong.  You have to buy a guitar, drums, microphone and a lot of other stuff. That’s not easy and cheap, especially when you have a tour in front of you and an empty wal
Teen secretary feels like a..
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Nikki was cleaning her flat that day and dreaming about amazing day and sex with her boyfriend. She was wasting her time waiting when for her boyfriend\'s father to leave. Unfortunately, her beloved man fell asleep after yesterday\'s..
Excited dad tastes pussy of..
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Right on the day when she said \
Girl could hardly wait when..
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Spending time with her new boyfriend and making selfies just for fun, Nesty decided to go just a little bit more further and make her fantasies come true. And she wasn\'t expecting what would come next...
Cute blonde girl really..
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Jenny Smart woke up full of sexual energy. It was an amazing morning and her lovely older husband made hot tea first and then inflamed her body for passionate sex on a couch. She loved his beard and his wrinkled face, barricade the best of all she love to lick
Winsome chick wakes up and..
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Ambitious red-haired pet doctor Isabella wanted to open her own pet surgery. But the day started badly. Her application was declined at credit company with an increment of she needed money urgently since it was her last chance. When she came to the loan office with an increment of tried t
New business requires money..
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It was a hot summer day and a sexy girl in tiny shorts caught my attention. She was standing with her boyfriend close to the travel agency. I started a casual conversation and found out that this cutie never saw the sea. How can I stay away? I had ...
Lovely girl cheats on..
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Sometimes a good proper sex with experienced man is the best way for Marina to relax when preparing for an important test in college. Especially when he knows how to make her wet... The sex was amazing and beautiful on the table - he licked her beautiful
Dad knew the best way to..
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Freezing silence, chunks of meat tapestry from the ceiling on hooks. Temperature so low it will get into your bones. That's what turns me on. That coupled with my little victims. Beauty preserved for eternity. Do you even realize how exciting is cold female body? The cold runs through your veins, mixed with the burning desire. I am the butcher! I am the lord of the cold, the taker of heat, the master of my girls. Who will be the next?
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Beautiful Suzie was attractive, married and adventurous. She got her husband car without his permission and crashed it. Since her man would kill her if he found out, she didn’t call the insurance company and wanted to get some money to fix car befor
Loan agent can\'t..
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This infirmary is the doorway to Hell. A place rotten with fear and hopelessness. A mentally insane head be responsible for and her twisted helper exploit the beautiful patients. They use them to satisfy their lowest cravings and the girls receive the true terrors knowing they cannot be ever helped. Pissed on, tortured and driven crazy by fear. Look the fear straight in the eyes and remember there is no escape!!!
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It was just another casual day for Alex, another day full of problems. She was out of money and her credit  manager told her that she can\'t succeed in a loan from his company. She was in a state of total despair and so concentrated on her bad situatio
Now loan manager knows how..
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Big bus station is the best place for hunting - people there have lot of problems - and once more my theory proved itself! I principle a lonely girl on a bus stop, she and her boyfriend had problems with accommodation for this...
Circumstances forced lovely..
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Blood gave birth to a frightening nightmare. A cursed fairy attracted by the smell of blood. Wild and horny beauty jumped my cock and didn't stop until she had my veins wide open. Bloody passion in a blood bath. Here comes true evil!
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I noticed this couple fighting in public park. When I came close, the guy was almost ready to slap his girl, so I had to stop him. She had lost his money and he was very mad screaming on her. I must say...
Slut covered in jizz after..
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Victoria and her boyfriend were at his father\'s villa since she loved to swim in its huge pool. And she had a secret. She already had no feelings for her boyfriend, but his father... This tall handsome and successful gentleman was ...
Beauty finally gets chance..
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